Senior Leadership Team

Our leadership team has nine positions made up of six pastors and three directors. The nine member team works together to implement our vision and administrate the day to day operations of our church. The six pastors are responsible for the shepherding responsibilities in the church. Examples of shepherding roles include: the theological positions of our church, our ecclesiology, preaching, the New Testament ordinances of the Lord's Supper and baptism, counseling, membership and church discipline, and planning and leading the worship services. Our deacons assist the pastors with extraordinary spiritual situations in the church. 

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Brett Thompson

Associate Pastor of Missions and Membership

Brett is responsible for assisting with the shepherding of the entire congregation with a primary responsibility for missions and communications. Brett became a Christian and was baptized at Liberty Baptist Church in Hampton, VA. He joined NEHBC as a member in 2003 and was ordained as one of our pastors in 2018. Brett served in the United States Navy from 1993-1999 and then graduated from the Universtiy of Houston in 2003. Prior to joining our leadership team, he was an entrepreneur that ran a successful local business for fifteen years. Brett was born in 1972. Brett and Jennifer have been married since 1993 and have one child.