What is Midweek Worship at NEHBC?

God’s primary message for us each week occurs during our Sunday Morning worship time.  By worshiping our Lord through singing, prayer, and the preaching of his word, we are equipped to stay strong through the many difficulties we will face as we progress day by day through the week and endure all the struggles and temptations that will be thrown at us as a result of living in a fallen world.  Midweek worship on Wednesday evenings is specifically designed to be a supplement to our primary meeting on Sunday mornings to give us that extra push to finish the week well.
Midweek Worship at NEHBC is a full worship service very similar to our Sunday morning worship service that will also play a critical role if you: 
  • • Are considering attending NEHBC but would like to see what we are about before committing to a Sunday morning service.
  • • Have a desire to explore God’s word and learn more about the Bible but in a more relaxed setting than Sunday mornings.
  • • Have a current work schedule that prevents you from attending on Sunday mornings but would like to experience a sincere time of worship of our Lord.
We invite you to join us for Midweek Worship this Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm.  We have activities for your children and teens as well.

We hope to see you there!

For more information about Midweek worship or about NEHBC in general, please email us at info@nehbc.com.