Amidst concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to let you know how NEHBC is responding.

Our leadership team is actively monitoring this situation. As information develops, this page will serve as the primary, most up-to-date place for you to receive answers to commonly asked questions. We are committed to doing everything we can to provide a safe environment for our church family and surrounding community.



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Is NEHBC open this Sunday?

No. Due to the recent executive order to not gather in groups of 10 or more, we will cease gathering together for worship services in person until further notice. We will stream Sunday and Wednesday evening services at 11:30 am on Sunday and 7:00 pm Wednesday.

Will NEHBC offer a stream of church services?

Yes. We intend to stream our worship services for the foreseaable future. The links to these streams are available at the top of this page. Join us as we watch our services online together at 11:30 am Sunday and 7:00 pm Wednesday.

How can I help serve others in this time (Farrington Mission)?

We intend for Farrington Mission to stay open in order to serve others in this unprecedented time. While we are that there is shelter order for the city of Houston, we will be serving as part of the Houston Food Bank's disaster relief efforts and have been assured that we are exempt from that order. We will use this opportunity to reach the lost by providing physical needs as a means to get to the gospel.

Please know that we will be operating with great care to ensure the safety of our volunteers and guests by eliminating all personal contact with each other.  Food and materials will be placed in guests’ cars directly with no physical contact, and we will take protective measures for reducing the risk while interacting with the guests. 

Watch Pastor Nathan's update regarding safety protocols at Farringtom Mission below.

Special prayer opportunity:
Finally, we recognize that there are special considerations for those at higher risk for coronavirus. If you are high risk, the best way you can help is to form a prayer chain from your home to lift us up while we are actively distributing. Please sign up for a prayer slot on this signup sheet.

***Click here to signup for a spot to serve at Farrington Mission.***

***Click here to download and print a document that permits travel during the shelter-in-place.***

How can I give financially to support NEHBC?

You can give online by clicking HERE. Additionally, you can give by mail. Your tithes and offerings are essentially in this time so that the ministries of NEHBC can continue as we share the hope of Jesus Christ with a world that needs it desperately! For a list of all the ways you can give, including our new drive up drop off location, visit www.nehbc.com/giving.

Is the NEHBC campus open during the week?

No. At this time, the NEHBC building is closed and all events between now and Easter have been cancelled. Many of the events will be offered in an online format and you should receive more information from ministry leaders as it is available.

What should I do if I am feeling sick?

At NEHBC we love gathering together to worship the Lord. We place a high priority on gathering together and we always want you to feel welcome here. If you are feeling sick or running a fever, the best way that you can love your neighbor is by staying home until you feel better! The Sunday morning worship time is the main gathering of believers which includes NEHBC's elderly and those who are immunocompromised. Please help us care for those who are at greater risk of infection by staying home if you are not feeling well, joining our live stream, and returning once you have been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine.

What policies have been implemented in response to the coronavirus?

In an effort to best serve members and guests, NEHBC has implemented the following policies and procedures:

Hospitality Ministry Policy

KidMin Wellness Policy

KidMin Cleaning Policy

KidMin Volunteer Hygiene Policy

StuMin Wellness and Cleaning Policy

How should I think about COVID-19 spiritually?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is yet one more reminder that we live in a fallen world of sickness, sin, suffering, and death. Ultimately, none of us are immune to any of these things. But that’s why the gospel is such good news. God has not left us alone in this world! He has come to us in the person of Jesus. The greatest news in all the world is that Jesus lived a life with no sin, died on a cross to pay the price for our sin, and rose from the grave in victory over sin and death. Now anyone anywhere who turns from their sin and trusts in Jesus will be forgiven of all their sin and restored to relationship with God forever. That means that through Jesus, we never have to fear sickness or death because we know we have eternal life with God.

If you do not know that you have eternal life with God, we urge you to put your faith in Jesus. And if you do know that you have eternal life with God, we urge you to share your faith in Jesus with others. Times like these remind us all of the fragility of life and the inevitability of death. So let’s tell others that death has been defeated and eternal life is available to all who trust in Jesus!

In addition to trusting in Jesus and sharing your faith with others, here’s some other ways you can respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • Trust in God as the good and sovereign Creator and Sustainer of life upon whom we all depend.
  • Pray for mercy for the sick, strength for doctors, insight for researchers, and wisdom for officials.
  • Look for opportunities to love and care for others.
  • If things change and we are unable to gather at certain times, stay closely connected to the church family. Gather with smaller groups as appropriate, and care for one another through your LifeGroup.
  • Continue to faithfully give financial offerings online HERE or by mail so that the ministries of NEHBC continue in the midst of these difficult days.

How will this impact our planned mission trips?

Our team is continually evaluating various sources of information including advice from our ministry partners in other countries, the State Department, and organizations like the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. We recently made several decisions related to 2020 mission trips. For the most detailed, up-to-date information on 2020 mission trips in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19), please click HERE.

What children's ministry resources are available for me to use?

Sunday Morning Resources:

April 5th:

Little Blessings:
April 5th Lesson Video/ Malachi
April 5th Parent Guide
April 5th Suggested Activities
Potter’s Wheel:
April 5th Lesson Video/ The Trials of Jesus
April 5th Crossroads Lesson Guide/ Tales in the Tabernacle
April 5th Crossroads Lesson/ Symbols Printable
April 5th Crossroads Lesson/ Timeline Printable

Rt 56:
April 5th Lesson Video/ The Call to Engage #2
RT 56 Art Lesson

March 29th:

Little Blessings:

March 29th Lesson Video / God’s People Repent
Potter’s Wheel:
March 29th Lesson Video / The Garden of Gethsemane
March 29th Crossroads Unit/ Creation Station
Rt 56:
March 29th Lesson Video / The Call to Engage#1

March 22nd:

  • Dear Parents: 
    For a video of the Last Super, follow these instructions:
    Get the  free Superbooks Kids Bible App at the App store
    Open App
    Click on Videos 
    Click on Superbook Academy
    Click on The Last Super: Academy version.

    ***More content for children is also available on the Superbook free website at 


Wednesday Evening Resources:

Awana Parent Information
April 1st:

March 25th:

What student ministry resources are available for me to use?

What adult ministry resources are available for me to use?

What missions & communications resources are available for me to use?


Click play bleow to see the Missions Moment from Pastor Brett to see what we are doing for missions and evangelism during the COVID 19 situation.
Missions Moment 4-3-2020

Missions Moment 3-27-2020
Link to Pastor Nathan's Vision Sermon on the Vortex
Farrington Mission will stay open to serve Houston’s Fifth Ward under modified protocols.  As time goes by, the members of NEHBC will become anxious to get out and do something because we are a people who serve the Lord even in extraordinary circumstances.  For the next few weeks Farrington Mission Food distribution will be one of the only organized service and evangelism efforts that will remain active and allow NEHBC members a place to serve and a means by which the gospel will go out.  
Pastor Nathan's update regarding safety protocols at Farringtom Mission.

Click here to signup for a spot to serve at Farrington Mission.


Stay tuned to this channel for missions information so that we do not lose our focus on global missions.  There will be links to articles and short podcasts that will help us to remember that we are still living in a lost world that we cannot disengage even though we will temporarily change our approach.


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