Here are the 2019 Mission Trips

NEHBC is committed to having a very healthy balance between local, domestic, and international missions objectives in keeping with Acts 1:8.  For 2019, God has called us to plant a church in Denver. For us to follow through on what he has called us to, we must have a large contingent of NEHBC members committed to the task of helping with this church plant.  Therefore, there are ten official NEHBC trips to Denver in 2019. Please consider going on a 2019 Denver trip in order for us to fully support this mission.

2019 Trip summary list.  (Scroll down for the details.)

Farrington Mission - Year Round
Southeastern Africa - 3/9 - 3/17
Denver 1 - 6/3-6/9

Active 8 Kids Camp at NEHBC - 6/9-6/13
Denver 2 - 6/15-6/22
J-Project Week - 6/17-6/21
Denver 3 - 6/24-6/30
Denver 4 - 7/8-7/14
Denver 5 - 7/23-7/29
North Africa - 7/27-8/4
Denver 6 - 8/5-8/11
Denver Pre-Launch - 8/26-9/1
Denver Launch - 9/3-9/9

If your heart is strongly connected to international missions, we do have two international trips this year and will return to our normal slate of domestic and international trips in 2020.  Also, by planting a church in Denver, we will have an impact on God's Kingdom by planting another church which will focus on global missions.

*These are tentative dates and are subject to change.

To sign up for one of the above trips click this link:

2019 Mission Trip Sign Up Form


2019 NEHBC  Mission Trip Details:


Southeastern Africa - March 9th to March 17th
We will partner with an NEHBC family working in Mozambique.  We have been to Mozambique four times over the last few years assisting in the effort to reach several Unreached and Unengaged People Groups primarily through telling stories of the Bible.  Our team will share these stories in one-on-one settings and as part of an ESL teaching time and assist in any other way the local team asks us to help. .  Cost $2900

North Africa - August 4th to August 11th
We will return to visit  our missionary friends in North Africa this year. This is our second trip to this area of North Africa. The missionaries have asked NEHBC to adopt the people of a local town that is cut off from gospel access.  The team will travel as tourists to one of the best beach destinations in the world while seeking opportunities to share the gospel with the people they encounter as well as assisting the local team with any other things they need help with.  Cost Varies, $2500


Jericho Project Week - June 17th to June 21st
Jericho Project Week is a tremendous opportunity to do a mission trip without having to leave town. We will once again be spending time in our community sharing the hope of Jesus with our neighbors. Best of all, the cost is FREE!.  We will use a similar  format to what we use for quarterly Jericho Projects. Bring your family and come for the morning slot or afternoon slot or both! Cost Free

Farrington Mission - Year Round
Farrington Mission is our physical needs mission in Houston’s Fifth Ward.  Volunteers share the Gospel with the clients from the community while providing basic food and clothing needs on Mondays as well as hosting a basketball ministry on Thursday evenings.  The mission also houses The Source for Women Northeast which is a pregnancy medical clinic. Cost Free


This year we will be making ten trips to Denver in order to help launch Cross Family Church, our new church plant in Denver, Colorado. Many of the Denver trips will have varying characteristics but all will have some form of door to door blitzing and evangelism in keeping with our primary mission of sharing the gospel with as many people we can before the church launches. 

Denver 1 - June 3rd to June 9th
The team will be doing door-to-door Jericho style blitzing in preparation for Parker Days (a local city festival) and for a Backyard Kids Club event that will be the next week.

Denver 2 - June 15th to June 22nd (Youth Trip)
NEHBC Youth and Chaperones will assist Cross Family Church in blitzing for and hosting summer camp events like sports, art etc.

Denver 3 - June 24th to June 30th
The team will do blitzing and evangelism in preparation for a major BBQ event and possibly an event for local teens that Cross Family Church will be hosting in the next weeks.

Denver 4 - July 8th to July 14th
The team will do blitzing and evangelism in preparation for a major BBQ event that Cross Family Church will be hosting the next week

Denver 5 - July 23rd to July 29th
The team will assist Cross Family Church with hosting a major BBQ event by blitzing the neighborhoods and helping with event management.

Denver 6 - August 5th to August 11th
The team will assist Cross Family as they host a teacher’s event at a local school and will participate in door to door blitzing and evangelism.

Denver Pre-Launch - August 26th to September 1st
1 Week Prior to Launch Week! The team will do door to door blitzing, evangelism, and host a block party in a nearby neighborhood in preparation for the launch of Cross Family Church on 9/8/19.

Denver Launch - September 3rd to September 9th
Launch Week!  The team will participate in lots of door to door blitzing leading up to launch and assisting Cross Family with the launch of the church on September 8th 2019.

Denver costs and options:  

Hotels range from $100-$150 per night in the surrounding area.  
Airfare has been running from $250 to $400 per person.
Rental Cars are about $250 per week.
Cross Family shirts must be purchaced for each team member.  Shirts are $20 each.

We estimate each trip will cost $1250-$1550 per person single occupancy and $900 to $1100 per person double occupancy for airfare, hotel, and car rental.  A family of four can expect to pay around $2100-$2300. These cost estimates do not include food or personal spending.  

Denver cost saving options:

In lieu of airfare you could drive to Denver.  Parker, CO is Southeast of Denver and is right at 1000 miles and roughly 16 hours of drive time according to most map apps.  Fuel would cost around $300 for the average car.Also, Cross Family may have access to a large shuttle van (think ai  rport shuttle) for transportation which may alleviate the need for rental cars for most teams.  Finally, one of the partner churches to Cross Family Church (Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church) has low cost boarding options.  They will allow people on a mission trip to Denver stay at their church facilities for $15 per person per night.  The facilities include two showers each for men and women and a full industrial kitchen.  Sleeping will be in classrooms on self provided bedding. Mississippi Avenue Baptist Church is roughly 30 minutes from Parker.

2019 Mission Trip Sign Up Form