Who We Are

We are Northeast Houston Baptist Church, a Southern Baptist plant thriving since our inception in 2002. Although we prioritize membership, we hope that all feel welcome to attend our worship services regardless of their religion, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, occupation, or life situation. Visitors are not expected to agree with what we teach—only to listen and be convinced in their own heart.

Membership on the other hand, has certain biblical expectations. Members of our church must follow Jesus Christ by surrendering to Him in belief and baptism as well as affirm our statement of faith. In doing so, we believe God will develop a healthy body of members.


A sample of our membership will reveal a wide range of ages and a growing diversity of cultures. Roughly fifteen countries are currently represented in our congregation. God has brought into our church some who are financially challenged as well as some who are economically strong. We are made up of high school dropouts, university doctors, and everything in between. The Lord is building a unified people from among all walks of life here in our church.


Our values are key. We have a high regard for sound doctrine, expository preaching, intentional discipleship, the gospel, world missions, local evangelism, biblical leadership, and meaningful membership. Through our LifeGroupswe strive to bring these values to life. These are smaller, relational gatherings, where we get to know each other, care for one another, and learn to follow Christ.


Our vision is clear. We intend to be a healthy local church that exists to make disciples in Houston and among the Unreached People Groups of the world. As a strong church, we believe we can best accomplish this vision by planting local churches and building individually through personal relationships. As of now, we have several major ministries in Houston:


  1. Farrington Mission. On the north side of the Fifth Ward, we own and operate a mission that serves the underprivileged. It meets the needs of the homeless, hungry, and those in need of clothes. Also housed at Farrington Mission is a holistic pregnancy clinic run by the The Source for Women.


  2. Jericho Project. Surrounding our church campus are tens of thousands of homes and families who need to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We serve them directly, at their doorstep, with the good news.


  3. Foreigners and Refugees. Our great city contains a large number of immigrants and exiles from North Africa and the Middle East. We endeavor to reach out to these people with the love of Christ.


  4. Church Planting. In our area of North Houston, life is flourishing and the population is growing exponentially. We are working to keep up with this boom by planting more churches with the same value and vision.


  5. World Missions. God has extended our arm to reach across the globe with the gospel. Today, we touch people in North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe.


Our leadership is spearheaded by seven team members, including four pastors—one of whom is our founding pastor — and three directors. Assisting them in extraordinary spiritual situations are our deacons.


Our members actively number about 800 although weekend attendance averages about 1,000 souls. We expect our members to attend Sunday morning worship, participate in LifeGroup, serve in at least one church ministry, and live on mission with the gospel. Through our emphasis on relational accountability, members lovingly keep each other in good standing.


Our main services for worship occur on Sunday mornings each week, along with the LifeGroups. We also gather together in the evenings on Sundays and Wednesdays. Additionally, there are numerous training and fellowships happening in between.


Our finances are prioritized for ministry. We have an annual budget of $2,100,000. Our campus is built and has the capacity for up to 1500 people. Being debt free is also important to us. By operating on as little as possible, we can further the gospel through missions and church planting.