Shepherding - Adult Ministry

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Our purpose at NEHBC is to make disciples. These ministries are on the front lines of intentional and deliberate disciple-making among various age groups and seasons of life.





Adult LifeGroup leaders are responsible for teaching God's Word to their class and modeling holiness in their daily walk with the Lord. In addition to these primary responsibilities, the LifeGroup Leader is responsible for organizing a class environment to ensure that all class members feel connected through fellowship, cared for physically, mentally and spiritually, and are engaged in evangelism both corporately and individually. The LifeGroup Leader will connect the LifeGroup members with the vision, mission, and ministries of NEHBC. An application, interview, and training are required for this position.


lifegroup apprentice leader

Adult LifeGroup Apprentice Leaders assist the primary LifeGroup Leaders by filling in as a substitute teacher as needed and working with the Associate Pastor of Adults to complete their preparation to lead a new class as they are formed. LifeGroup Apprentice Leaders may be assigned to an individual class or may serve as an apprentice to multiple classes to fill in as necessary. An application, interview and training are required for this position. Some Apprentice Leaders are preparing to lead new classes as they form. Others will remain in their primary class. The goal of the apprentice process is up to you.


lifegroup class director

Adult LifeGroup Class Directors assist the LifeGroup Leaders by completing the following activities in the LifeGroup: complete the class attendance and update the class roster each week, ensure that annoucements from NEHBC staff are communicated to the class weekly, assist with the coordination of class social events, collect and track prayer requests, and assist with the coordination of hospital visits, meals and transportation in the event of member illness. Approval by the LifeGroup Leader is required and training is provided for this role.


creative team

The goal of the Creative Team is to produce discipleship material, print and web media, and other creative projects for the Adult Ministry needs of NEHBC. This team will write some of the study materials used in our LifeGroups on Sunday mornings every year. There is already a core team in place but new team members are always needed. Due to the nature of this team, approval by the Creative Team Leader is required to join. If you would like to hear more about this ministry, please contact Jacob Abshire. An interview and training by the team leader are required.


lifestuff support team

LifeStuff is a special topical Bible study series that takes place during the Fall and Spring semesters at NEHBC. Volunteers are needed to serve every Sunday night to support these Bible studies. Volunteers would be responsible for preparing coffee, setting up check-in machines, helping LifeStuff attendees check in, and then cleaning up the coffee supplies. Volunteers would need to serve both semesters and would serve Sunday evenings from 5:15-6:15 PM.


men's ministry support team

This ministry assists widows, single moms, shut-ins, and our members who are limited physically by helping with yard work, minor home repairs, home maintenance, and other issues as needed. Experience is not required! Training with a team can be arranged.


decision counselors

During our worship services there are opportunities for people to make important personal decisions (accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior, requesting baptism or church membership, desiring to connect with a LifeGroup, prayer, etc.).  Decision Counselors help and guide people during these times.

We need men and women in both services who can assist with this ministry.  While this is a vital ministry, it would not be considered someone's primary point of service as these volunteers serve on a rotational basis. An application, interview, and training by the team leader are required to serve as a Decision Counselor.

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