Prayer Meeting

Prayer Meeting

Sundays, 5pm to 6pm


There is a direct relationship between a chruch gathering to pray and the Holy Spirit filling that church - as goes prayer meeting, so will go the power of God in our church. Christ taught it in the gospels, the early church proved it in the book of Acts, and the epistles repeat it in th passages such as 1 Timothy 2:1-6. So, we must gather to pray if we want to experience the power of God in our church, lost people saved, and demons driven away.


We offer regular prayer meeting as an opportunity for our members to gather to pray together. Prayer Meeting is open to the general public - so any follower of Christ is welcome to join us. On any given Sunday, 10 - 40 people attend prayer meeting.

We meet for one hour and it normally goes like this:

Large Group Time (5 minutes)

  • This time is led by Pastor Nathan or one of our deacons
  • There will be a quick word of exhortation
  • There will be a Scripture reading
  • This large group will be broken up into small groups of 5 - 7 people

Small Group Time (5 minutes)

  • A prayer guide is provided, but attenders are welcome to pray about any matter on their heart
  • Attenders may pray out loud or silently
  • Attenders are asked to keep each turn to 5 minutes or less to provide time for others to pray
  • Attenders can pray as oftern as they would like

Closing Time (5 mintues)

  • This time is led by Pastor Nathan or one of our deacons
  • Attenders gather in the front of the room in a large circle for a final word from the prayer meeting leader
  • Prayer meeting is dismissed with a closing song such as "The Doxology"


This prayer meeting is on Sundays from 5pm - 6pm in our main worship center where we gather for Sunday morning worship. You are welcome to attend as often as you would like. We recognize that nobody can attend all the prayer meetings.