While our Sunday morning LifeGroups are the hub through which all Adult Ministry extends, LifeStuff provides the workshop for “building up” our members for continuing growth and service in God's kingdom. LifeStuff is designed to do four key things:

Engage the World - courses designed to introduce participants to varying world and religious views in order to prepare them to engage the world for Christ.

Equip for Ministry - courses designed to identify, develop, challenge, and strengthen existing and future leaders in all aspects of ministry at NEHBC .

Edify the Body - courses designed to deepen participants' biblical and theological foundations.

Empower for Living - courses designed to provide biblical insight and assist participants in areas of practical living as Christ followers.

LifeStuff classes are offered on Sunday evenings. Materials will focus on the Bible and how we are to apply God's Word to our lives.


Spring LifeStuff Classes

Beginning JANUARY 7, 2018

Understanding and Evangelizing Other Faiths

Have you ever wanted to know more about other religions and find out how to share your faith with those who disagree with you? Each week we will explore a new world religion and then discuss the best way to share the Gospel with the people of that religion. We will discuss atheism, animism, Confucism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and various cults. This is a 12 week class and there is no cost for the class.

Christ Centered Parenting - Gospel Conversations on Complex Issues


Do you feel ill equipped as a parent to talk to your children about the cultural issues of our day? In this series, you will learn to address cultural topics which children of all ages. Topics will include gender issues, suicide, depression, anxiety, pornography, addiction, same-sex attraction and marriage, singleness, dating, and divorce. This is a 12 week class and the cost is $15 per family for the book.

How to Study the Bible

As Christians all of us should desire to read the Bible. God has given it to us as the source of truth, our playbook for living the Christian life, and the revelation of Himself to each and every one of us. God tells us to read and study His Word. Men and women have died so that we can hold in our hands a copy of God’s Word. But know that we have it, what are we to do with it? In this 12 week class we will explore the various tools available to each of us to better understand the Bible. There is no cost to attend this class.

Biblical Archaeology

Scientists continue to make significant strides in learning more about the people and places of the Bible. With each new archaeological dig there is a wealth of new evidence to teach us about these ancient people and their history. In this 12 week class we will discuss what biblical archaeology can reveal to anyone who is eager to understand the world of the Bible. As scientists explore the lands of the Bible we find that, at every turn, the facts of the Bible are verified as true and without blemish. There is no cost to attend this class.

Twelve Ordinary Men

Contrary to what you may think, we do not have to be perfect to do God's work. Look no further than the twelve disciples whose many weaknesses are forever preserved throughout the pages of the New Testament. Jesus chose ordinary men - fisherman, tax collectors, political zealots - and turned their weakness into strength, producing greatness from utter uselessness. In this 12 week study we will examine how Christ can use ordinary men like us for His glory! This class is for men only and costs $13 for the book.

Twelve Women of the Bible

Join us for a 12 week class that explores a new woman of the Bible each week and helps us understand what spiritual lessons we can learn from the successes and struggles of their lives. This class is for ladies only and costs $12 for the book. God desires to use women just like us!