LifeStuff provides the workshop for “building up” our members for continuing growth and service in God's kingdom. LifeStuff classes are offered on Sunday evenings and are designed to accomplish four key things:

Engage the World - courses designed to introduce participants to varying world and religious views in order to prepare them to engage the world for Christ.

Equip for Ministry - courses designed to identify, develop, challenge, and strengthen existing and future leaders in all aspects of ministry at NEHBC .

Edify the Body - courses designed to deepen participants' biblical and theological foundations.

Empower for Living - courses designed to provide biblical insight and assist participants in areas of practical living as Christ followers.


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LifeStuff Classes- Fall 2018

All fall classes begin September 9

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A Passion for Prayer

Of all the disciplines of the Christian life, prayer is perhaps the most neglected. However, Jesus’ brief, earthly life was permeated with it. If our Lord made prayer such a priority in word and deed, shouldn’t we? A Passion for Prayer, by Tom Elliff, seeks to help you develop and deepen your communion with God. By drawing on personal experience and the reassurances of God’s Word, Pastor Tom Elliff shares the principles, challenges, and disciplines of prayer. 

Teacher: Pastor Brett

Cost: $11 


A Beautiful Design

God created us to function according to His perfect design and, for all of human history, our world has been male and female. But our ever-changing culture faces challenges because of sin. The church no more than ever needs to be a safe refuge for the gender confused, the sexually broken, the single, the married, and the divorced. This study gives evidence that God’s plan for man and woman is the ultimate design and that life lived within this beautiful, unchanging design leads to our greatest joy. 

Teacher: Justin Barker

Cost: $13


Biblical Parenthood

Biblical Parenthood is more than just a class on parenting. It’s a journey that will explore what the Bible says about parenthood and the family as well as help participants in understand the reason for the family, God’s purpose for parenting, and why this impacts everyone in the church. This class is applicable not only to those in the parenting stage of life but also to singles, those married with no children, and those past parenting years as empty nesters and senior adults. Topics like God’s purpose for the family, family worship, formative discipline, fatherhood and boys, motherhood and girls, teen years, tech kids and social media, and the overzealous parent will be covered.

Teacher: Brian Baca

Cost: Free


A Survey of the New Testament: Part 1

Survey of the New Testament is a two-semester class designed to provide an introduction to the books of the New Testament. The purpose of New Testament Survey is to deepen participants’ knowledge of the context, content, and theology of the New Testament as well as prepare them for focused study of individual New Testament books. We will cover aspects of the cultural backgrounds of the New Testament, the history of the Church, and the essential teaching of the New Testament, and its Biblical Theological framework. Substantial emphasis will also be given to themes of each New Testament book. This semester we will focus primarily on the Gospels and Acts. 

Teacher: Pastor James

Cost: Free 


Intro to Apologetics

The purpose and nature of apologetics is often misunderstood. Some people think it’s about arguing for the faith, while others think it’s about apologizing. In reality, apologetics simply refers to the defense of what you believe to be true. It is a ministry of helping people with tough questions. This class is designed to show students how apologetics will help them serve the church, build their confidence, and better articulate and defend their faith. 

Teacher: David Johnston

Cost: Free