Sunday Morning LifeGroups

Jesus Christ has established "relationship" in the world. That relationship begins with Him. Our Sunday morning LifeGroups ministry is designed to help you connect with Jesus Christ first and foremost in your life. We do that by learning and applying His Word to our lives. It is out of that relationship that we build strong and lasting relationships with others.

What can you expect from one of our LifeGroups classes? Our LifeGroups classes are designed to enable you to build lasting relationships, broaden your knowledge of the Bible, and provide you with strong prayer support. Our teachers have a passion to reach the lost and disciple the saved. They are trained and well versed in God's Word.

What happens in a LifeGroup anyway? You will hear announcements of upcoming events, experience a teacher led time of prayer, and systematically study the Word of God. Each class lasts 75 minutes.

What time do LifeGroups meet and how do I find one? LifeGroups meet at 9:00am and 10:30am. A map is available at the information booth in the church lobby. Someone there can take you upstairs to the class of your choice. Below are a list of Sunday morning class options.

We want you to continue to grow and mature in becoming who God intended you to be! We find ourselves today in many seasons of life. Whether that comes in the form of young adults, newlyweds, parents of children or those in their prime, God has a purpose and plan for your life. That plan and purpose is only found when we are governed by God's Word. Listed below are the many opportunities that are offered for you to connect with God and with others on Sunday mornings at NEHBC:

Interested in joining a LifeGroup? 

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