Almost There

Almost There 2012 - 2016

After accomplishing the first step toward establishing a base at NEHBC that can sustain our aggressive church planting strategy, our church began the next major step that will lead us the rest of the way to our Glory to God Vision. The Vision Continues calls for us to become "built out and debt-free" by the end of 2016. That is, by the end of 2016, we would have a completed campus that services a congregation of 1,500 people and we would be debt-free. We will have the space and people to have a personnel base to sustain our aggressive church planting plan.

We will be debt-free. There is a noticeable, growing, active agenda against religious freedom in this country. It seems inevitable that the attack on the church will eventually include either the elimination of the incredible luxury of being a tax-free entity, or a reduction in charitable contribution deductions for individual taxpayers. When either or both of those things happen, many local churches in America are going to experience very difficult times, including having to close their doors. This is due to so many local churches living on the edge financially due to large debt. One of the best ways local churches can prepare for the looming attack on religious freedom is to become debt-free. The Vision Continues will enable us to do that.

But more than being finished building buildings and being debt-free, NEHBC will have $1.5 million per year, every year, over and above what it takes to run our campus, to give away to missions and church planting! Can you imagine that?

What would we do with that money? Well, first of all, we would fund our north Houston church plants. We would also have the large amount of money we need to accomplish our big vision for Farrington Mission. To best meet the needs of that area, we need to demolish the campus and build a true community center where we can offer tutoring for middle schoolers and high schoolers, after school care for elementary school children, teach job skills to adults, and provide an even bigger and better pregnancy clinic. All of this will require a multimillion dollar construction project. When we have $1.5 million per year, every year, to spend on missions, we will have the funds to make the vision for Farrington Mission a reality. Of course, it will also give us the funds to take the Gospel to more UPGs and UUPGs around the world.

As you can see, The Vision Continues will position us for Glory to God to become our reality.

The Vision Continues calls for three giant steps of faith; three big steps to "built out and debt-free" by December 2016:

  1. A two-year building campaign from 2012-2014 to raise $2 million to build the final phase of our facility for cash. We still lack children and preschool space, and we have very little room for teenagers in an area with 20,000 students within 10 miles of our church. The East End Expansion Project calls for the preschool, children, and teen space that will service a congregation of 1,500. In addition, we will have a fellowship hall and catering kitchen that will host small groups of 100 or less for ministry gatherings, as well as a conference and event center that will seat 300 people. In this conference center, we can offer marriage and parenting conferences, financial seminars, and the core group of the next church plant can meet there for training and planning purposes. UPDATE: In the spring of 2012, NEHBC embarked on a plan to raise $2 million in order to do the East End Expansion Project for cash. All $2 million has been pledged over a two year period (Spring 2012 - Spring 2014), and the actual money is coming in at a rapid rate.
  2. The sale of ten acres of land. This sounds odd in a day and time when land is at a premium, but we have long felt the Lord gave us excess land to sell. When we launched NEHBC, our mother church told us they purchased 30 acres of land with the intent the church plant would sell 10 acres to generate revenue. We declined the idea until we knew God's plan for our church...which we now know. We are going to be a congregation of 1,200 - 1,500. It will be hard to get much bigger than that if we are giving away 200 people every other year. To service a congregation of 1,500, we need less than 20 acres of land. We have 10 acres of excess land to sell. This provides us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to generate a large amount of money to pay off debt. The land should sell for around $3.1 million. Our current debt stands at $4.7 million. This land sale would reduce the debt to $1.6 million. UPDATE: The land is currently for sale, and we are praying for a buyer.
  3. A two-year building campaign from 2014-2016 to raise $2.5 million to achieve debt-free status. The new parking lots and outdoor baptismal plaza will cost $900,000. Add that to the remaining $1.6 million of debt, and you have $2.5 million needed to reach "built out and debt-free".
With these three clear steps mapped out, we can achieve "built out and debt-free" by the end of 2016 and have the resource base in place to begin Glory to God.

Glory to God is our destination. The Vision Continues is our plan to get there.


This is the story Jesus Christ is writing with us in order to display the glory of God in our city and around the world.

If our commitment to being a biblically healthy, local church with a "go and tell" mentality resonates in your heart, you should consider whether the Holy Spirit is calling you to become a member of NEHBC. You can become a part of this miracle. What the Lord is doing here makes us a fantastic field in the Kingdom of God in which to pour your time, spiritual gifting, and resources. As you and your family pour yourselves into NEHBC and NEHBC pours into you, God will glorify Himself through us.

To find out more about NEHBC or to begin the membership process, look around the rest of our website, visit us in person or email us at

Jesus is Lord.