Hurricane Harvey


Hurricane Harvey NEHBC Response

Our hearts are heavy as we consider what has happened and what is happening to our city, our neighbors and our community. We urge everyone to continue to pray for the victims, first responders and their families in the weeks and months ahead. The response to Hurricane Harvey will be a marathon, not a sprint. Although this is a time of distress and heartache, Jesus is Lord and we stand on that confession as the Church. The Gospel is still our most important response to everyone’s most desperate need.

Here is what we as a church are doing:

  • We are key financial partners and co-own the 2nd largest disaster relief organization in the US, Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief.
    • 150,000 meals served yesterday in the Houston Area.
    • 350,000 meals per day will be served today and moving forward.
    • 300 Disaster Relief Chaplains are either in route or on the ground in Houston providing pastoral care.
    • 16 clean up and recovery units (including our unit) are in route or on stand by to assist in recovery once the flood abates.
    • 7 shower units are set up and prepared to provide 2300 showers per day to first responders.
    • The Disaster Relief water treatment unit is deployed and prepared to supplement clean water supplies where needed.
    • NEHBC gives members and 10% of our church budget to these efforts. The Disaster Relief ministry of the SBC, supported by the 46,000 churches in the convention, is critical and will be vitally important in the weeks and months to come.
  • Our members are serving.
    • Members are housing victims, relatives and members in their homes. This includes individuals who have volunteered to host international students from our partners at U of H.
    • Members are participating in high water rescues.
    • Members are volunteering at area shelters.
    • We have many members who are first responders and some have been on duty for days.
  • How you can help?
    • Supplies that will be needed in the days & weeks ahead:
      • Paper goods.
      • Baby foods.
      • Diapers.
      • Baby supplies.
      • All items on the Farrington Mission Pantry list
    • If you have other items you would like to donate, we would ask that you check with the Humble Civic Center or the shelter nearest you for their needs as they change rapidly.
    • Volunteer at an area shelter as you are able.
    • Sign up for Disaster Relief training (LINK).

Thank you for all you are doing. Please continue to pray for our neighbors, first responders, city and region as we work through the disaster response.